Help and Support

Release - Help and Support

This website provides ex-offenders and their
families with a directory of support agencies
who provide services and help as they
reintegrate into the community.

Emergency SOS call


Quick responses to crisis situations.

Employment opportunities

Employment after release

Help to get and keep a job.


Financial matters

Most debts have to be paid eventually.

Health Services

Health Services

To be healthy you need to care
for both your mind and body.



Need somewhere to live?

Legal Assistance

Legal matters

It is important to understand the rules
and stick to them if you are to successfully
stay in the community.

Released and Freedom

Reintegration Services

Funded by the Department of Justice.

Identification forms

FormsOne of the first things you need to do upon release is register with different government agencies to access the services they provide.

You will need to establish your identity with documents that prove who you are.

Some documents have to be paid for, like a birth certificate and others are free like a Medicare card.

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Driver’s licence

Steering WheelDriving without a valid driver’s licence has been identified as a key pathway into the criminal justice system for Aboriginal people.

A number of not-for-profit organisations have been funded to driver training services to Aboriginal offenders in various regional locations.

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Service locator

Map imageSelect a service to locate or choose one from the list below.

We're here to help

About us

Leaving prison can be a stressful time as you adjust to life on the outside. This website provides essential tools to help get your life on track.

There are many support networks across WA that can help you:

  • adjust to life after prison
  • connect with family and community
  • find a place to live
  • prepare for and find a job.

Our locator can help you find your nearest service. To access many services you will need identification.

Help and support

Helping handLeaving prison is a very stressful time and our aim is to support you to succeed in making a new start. The first few weeks and months are critical.

This website information is here to help you through this time.