To make or return to a saved Guardianship and Administration application & Strata Titles application, click here. This link will direct users to the eCourts Portal of Western Australia where guardianship and administration matters only can be made. On the eCourts Portal users should click on the Guardianship and Administration link to get started.

Initially, the user will be taken through the pre application pathways. The pathways are designed to take the user through a series of questions which will determine if an application should be made. If the pre application pathways recommend the application to be submitted, it will guide the user through the process of completing that application, saving it if necessary, and submitting it.

Prior to completing an application, the user will be asked to log in. First time users will need to register by supplying an individual email address, and creating a password. Once registered, first time users can commence completing the application. Once the application is submitted it will be lodged immediately and the user will receive a matter number.

Existing users should log in once they reach the eCourts Portal. Once logged in, users can click on the Guardianship and Administration link to make another application, or they can select the Manage My Applications link to review previous applications they have submitted, or to go back to an application they have saved but not yet submitted.


To submit any other application users should stay on this page: this system will enable users to complete and submit an application online, or generate a form to be submitted by other means.

  1. Select the legislation you are applying under.
  2. Select the section you are applying under.
  3. Complete the application.
  4. Attach supporting documentation, if required.
  5. Attach Credit Card Authorisation form. If your application has a fee, you must complete and attach this form otherwise your application will not progress.

Follow the prompts below and the system will guide you through the application process. If you encounter any difficulties while completing your application please Contact SAT for assistance. It's important to know SAT staff can't provide legal advice, but they can assist you with the application process.

Do you want to create a new Application or continue with a saved Application?

Select the legislation you are applying under

Click the Search for Act icon to browse or search a list of legislation.

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