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Supervised Release Review Board

How the Supervised Release Review Board Decides

In deciding whether to grant a young offender a Supervised Release Order (SRO), the Supervised Release Review Board (the Board) take many factors into consideration, including the young offender’s behaviour while in custody, the likelihood of them re-offending, and the impact of their release on any victims of their offending.

The Board is given reports from a range of stakeholders and provided with a release plan by Youth Justice Services (YJS). The release plan is tailored to meet the young offender’s specific needs for remedial treatment, a supportive home environment and an educational, vocational and recreational program. It is designed to create a future for the young offender which will assist to prevent him/her from re-offending.

The Chair of the meeting ensures that all the information is considered and that the final decision is supported by evidence from the reports and the release plan.

If the Board decides to defer consideration or deny release on a SRO, the Board provides reasons for the deferral or denial.

Last updated: 15-Nov-2018

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